Jérôme Bienvenu​

At ten, Jérôme Bienvenu’s imaginary journeys were made in a Dauphine without engine, standing in the middle of the family garden. From his youth, he keeps this passionate love for cars.

Today, this passion gives life to furniture pieces created from emblematic body parts. Like all talented designers, Jérôme Bienvenu cultivates his childhood and draws a new wonderful world. Take a seat behind one of his creations and go on a journey aboard a beautiful automobile.

Jérôme Bienvenu sources and selects car bodies and parts, he designs and creates each piece of furniture. Surrounded by a team with complementary skills (cabinetmakers, carpenters, boilermakers and bodyworkers), he refines his creations to reach the perfect balance. The color is chosen from the brand’s original color chart, the wood is selected for its beauty and stability.